The life of a church planter’s wife is unique. Sacrifice. Joy. Sorrow. These are all part of the journey.

This website is a place for church planter’s wives to have a voice. Read, comment, tell us your story, too.

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Church Planter Wives: We’re Really in it Now

You've been dreaming about planting a church for a while. You've been through assessments, decided where to plant, maybe even moved to a new city. What happens next? What do you do after the boxes are unpacked and the dust has settled? While every church plant is...

Church Planter Wives & the Greatest Love Story

I adore the movie, The Princess Bride. One of the reasons I love this movie is because Westly will do anything to save his precious Princess Buttercup from the evil Prince Humperdinck. He adores her without fail. When he says, "As you wish," he's really saying, "I...