The life of a church planter’s wife is unique. Sacrifice. Joy. Sorrow. These are all part of the journey.

This website is a place for church planter’s wives to have a voice. Read, comment, tell us your story, too.

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Church Planter Wives: It only takes one

One. Seems like a weak number doesn't it? What can one dollar get you? What can one person committed to a cause do to make a difference? At first glance it doesn't seem like much, but consider that everything starts out with the number one. One person with an idea....

Church Planter Wives: We’re Really in it Now

You've been dreaming about planting a church for a while. You've been through assessments, decided where to plant, maybe even moved to a new city. What happens next? What do you do after the boxes are unpacked and the dust has settled? While every church plant is...