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In church planting, we are often priviledged to witness miracles in our own lives, and in the lives of the people we serve. This is my favorite part of church planting!

My family has experienced quite a few things we consider miracles. When we were planting Breakwater Church in Bellingham, Washington, we were broke. Working to stretch my beginning teacher’s paycheck, and John’s part time construction paychecks, really drained us. One day, we decided we had to make some cuts in our budget. What was the first thing to go? Vegetarians will be pleased. We decided not to spend any money on meat! Instead, we prayed for it. We prayed on a Thursday. God delivered meat on a Sunday, in the form of a college kid (no, we didn’t eat him). He rolled up to us on a skateboard after the service and said, “Do you eat meat?”

We said, “Yes, why?”

He said, “My uncle has a lot of extra salmon and ground beef, and I thought my pastor might want some.”

Tears sprang to my eyes. We gratefully accepted the donation, and after my freezer was stocked, I made him meatballs.

Here’s another miracle. This one didn’t happen to me, but I love to tell it.

My friend, Elvira, was driving home with her son from Play & Chat (our outreach ministry, which met in the park). To get home, she had to drive over a large hill, which was separated by some more tall, rolling hills. She doesn’t remember every detail about what happened at the top of the hill, but one second she was driving, and the next second she found herself out of her car and at the top of the hill with her son. Where was her car, you ask? It was upside down at the bottom of the hill. The ambulance showed up quickly after this happened, although Elvira doesn’t know how they found them in this desolate location. At some point during this story, my husband got a phone call (even though Elvira didn’t have his phone number in her phone). The guy who called my husband spoke perfect Spanish, like Elvira’s husband, and perfect English, like John. When the ambulance arrived, there was nobody, except for Elvira and her son, at the scene. The only injury reported was a cut in her son’s head. He did need staples in his head, but Elvira was in perfect health. Praise the Lord and His angels for the miracle of protecting Elvira and her son!

There were so many miracles in the Bible, unbelievers used to call Jesus a magician. They witnessed His work, and had to attribute it to something. They chose to see magic. I choose to see God’s work in the form of miracles.

Just this week at the church plant we have been attending, Infusion San Marcos, we found out they are going to be allowed to rent the elementary school in their neighborhood. They have been praying for over a year for God to provide this, since they are in a challenging location at the current time. He did it! He came through for them, just when they needed it most.

Have you experienced miracles in your church planting journey? I would love to hear about them! Please leave a comment, and share your miracles with other church planter wives.

 Remember the wondrous works that he has done, his miracles and the judgments he uttered,  O offspring of Israel his servant, children of Jacob, his chosen ones! 1 Chronicles 16:12

Blessings to you, dear planter wife. Keep on praying for miracles. God is sovereign, and in His wisdom, He will do what is right. Hold fast to God’s power and strength.

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