I wonder what other church planter’s wives across the globe are like?

I am sure they are a lot like me and the church planter’s wives I have already met. Sometimes silly, skilled in several areas, dedicated to the church and to their husbands.

No matter what church planter’s wives seem like on the outside, I imagine most have the same stuff going on inside of them.

The Gospel Ventures team and I were recently working on a pitch to raise funds to help church planter’s wives. My job was to write a story about what it’s like to be a church planter’s wife. Instead of a story, I came up with a sort of picture of what it’s like. This picture comes from my own experiences.

Does this picture match with your knowledge of what it’s like to be a church planter’s wife?

Do you know me? 

I am the one who gets up early to pick up the pastries for Sunday service. Every week I greet you with a smile on my face and a space in my heart for the weekly troubles you willingly share with me. Joy fills my soul to pray for you and to walk this journey with you. Throughout the week I open up my home to you. I call or text you in between caring for my husband so he can be refreshed, in between taking care of my children and working a part time job to make ends meet for my household.

I don’t mind I don’t have expensive clothing. It doesn’t bother me I have learned to be thrifty and creative in making my family finances work.

It is my joy.

But there are those days.

Those days when the burdens shared with me are too much to bear, and I need someone to talk to—just for me. Because I have given so much.

Those days when my husband is completely spent and he leans on me for support. I want him to come to me. I long to be his support because we are one, and when he is happy or troubled, so am I. But I am exhausted, and although I lay my burdens at Jesus’ feet, I’m not sure what it would take for me to get healthy emotionally because it has been so long since someone has been there—just for me.

Those days when I cry at the sink, or in between loads of laundry, or on my way home from work, because the betrayal I have experienced  breaks my heart. I thought they loved me. I thought they respected my family. But they are gone, and all that’s left in their wake is a trail of hurtful words and accusations about how we weren’t enough for them.

Jesus is enough for me. I lean on him.

I just want a person with whom I can share this journey.

Someone to speak to in confidence.

Someone who won’t judge me.

Someone who is outside of my weekly grind.

Someone who has walked a path similar to the one I am traveling.

Someone who will pray for me.

I am a church planter’s wife. 

Does this sound like you or any other church planter’s wife you know? If so, contact me and get involved in one of our online prayer groups. We have so much to offer each other. Let’s not hide. Instead, let’s seek companionship from other women who understand our situation. Let’s spend a little bit of time with other women who have walked the same path. Just send me an e-mail and I’ll help you get connected!




Dear Jesus,

I ask that the church planter’s wife who identified with this picture of what it’s like to serve you in this unique position can find a way to be refreshed. Please provide for her. Please speak words of comfort to her. Please put other women in her life to minister to her, because she gives so much.

Thank you Lord Jesus for taking care of us!





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