In church planting, everything is new. This can be exciting and wonderful! However, building systems and traditions from scratch can be exhausting, and I can’t help but wonder whether or not we ought to be accessing more of the existing resources within our own communities. We have to do something to get our church names out there, and to connect with people. Plus, it can be fun!

This is exactly what Linda Meinberg from Reflections Church in Perris, CA is encouraging her church to do. At Christmas time, she once again helped coordinate the church’s involvement in the local Christmastime parade. I asked her what made her want to participate in this event, and what the benefits were to her church. Here is what she had to say about it…

How did you decide to participate in the Perris Christmas Parade?

We connected with the Chamber of Commerce to learn about all the community events in Perris and which ones seemed more attractive and popular to the community. We found out the people love the Christmas Parade, so we decided on that event.

How many people from your church did it take to participate in this event?

Three families participated in the Mini Truck float.  There were about five families from Reflections that attended the parade.  Our goal was to reach out to the community, and get our name out there.

What result did you see from joining your city in this event? 

We gave out a lot of flyers, and although we haven’t had any new people join us from this event, we know that sometimes people hold onto event flyers and handouts for many months before they decide to visit our church. We’ve seen this happen many times throughout our journey at Reflections.

My Reflection on Reflections

Linda and the team at Reflections Church set a great example of considering the community. In thinking about the great things Reflections did, I have pulled out a few tips, which could  help other church plants.

Tips for Getting Involved in your Community

  1. Talk to the leaders in your community:  Just like Linda and her church began by talking to city leadership, you can, too. You can meet with the Chamber of Commerce, your mayor, or any other leadership organization within your community. Every time my husband has scheduled a meeting with the mayor of a city, he has been welcomed and even encouraged in how our church can help the city.
  2. Pick an event that your city loves, and that you can love, too:  Linda’s church was enthusiastic about this event, and Christmas was the perfect time to tell the community about their church. They didn’t have to compromise on their beliefs just to join the event. Not every event offers such a great lead-in to tell about your church.
  3. Be clear about who you are:  Pick an event where it’s okay to let the community know who you are. Take the time to create quality flyers and materials so that you look good on paper, and good in person, too.
  4. Quality over quantity:  It’s smart to limit your participation in community events so that you can do a quality job. If you do too much, people won’t want to help. If you choose the right event, people will be excited and look forward to the event.

Thank you for sharing about what your church is up to, Linda! We are praying for you and Don, and for Perris and the surrounding area. Blessings to you and your congregation!  

To learn more about Linda and Don Meinberg and Reflections Christian Church, see their website at…


Lord, please show us where you want us to put our efforts. We have limited time and resources, but you are limitless. Please move our hearts to meet community needs, and move in the hearts of the people we serve to allow us to minister to them.


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