There are many blessings in the lives of church planters’ wives!

No matter what stage of church planting you are in, it is good to focus on the positive aspects of this unique position.

What are the perks of being a church planter’s wife?

  1. You get to have adventures. There are some people who are born, raised, live and die in the same city. There’s nothing wrong with that kind of life. However, if God called you to be a church planter’s wife, you will probably get to move and see what it’s like to live in a different area. I love this about church planting!
  2. Many people thank you for the sacrifices you have made. My family has received some of the most incredible gifts when we needed them the most. In the same way God puts it on your hearts to serve others, He puts it on other people’s hearts to serve you. Be grateful when people are generous to you. God is blessing you through them.
  3. You have the privilege of being up close to the miracles God is working in the lives of his people. When you are in the middle of church planting you have no choice but to rely on God to make things happen. You’re praying, pressing forward, asking that walls will be torn down so you can move forward. In the perfect moments, God moves and you are there to see it all happen. During one church plant John and our team prayed for resources– and a check showed up the very next day. Things like this happen all the time in church planting.
  4. Sometimes your answers to prayer will be super-obvious, and you feel closely connected to God. God can supply you with everything you need if you ask and rely on Him. Church planting forces you to sit at the feet of our Lord and wait upon him. It’s not that we must plant churches to be this close to Jesus, it’s that my experiences in church planting have facilitated this in my life.
  5. You can have fellowship with lots of other amazing pastors and their wives. Join a network of church planters and their wives and you will see what I mean! There is nothing like sitting with other couples doing the same thing as you. They get it. They get you. And it’s amazing.
  6. Your family will often end up with the left-overs from great parties. Trays of rice and beans, pizzas, ice cream sundae makings, donuts…these are fun leftovers to end up with in your refrigerator. You won’t always be the one who gets the food, but when it’s your turn, enjoy it!
  7. People entrust you with their hearts, and you get to pray for them in a way nobody else can. When someone trusts you with their deepest pains and needs, it is a privilege to bring these requests to Jesus. It’s incredible to see Jesus work in people’s lives.
  8. The Bible comes to life in your own living room. During one of our recent visits to a new church plant, John taught on the passage from Mark chapter two when Jesus healed a man who was paralyzed. In this story, the house was so crowded the man had to be lowered through the roof! When you have events in your home think of Mark, chapter two, and how you are participating in spreading the good news so Jesus can build his church.
  9. You have joy knowing you are honoring Jesus’ final words before he ascended into heaven! Go and make disciples of all nations. This was Jesus’ final command to us. When you are planting a church, you are helping start a system where disciples will be made and sent out in the name of Jesus.
  10. This is a precious time in your life. You won’t always have the energy, influence and time to plant a church, so enjoy it while you are in the midst of doing this kind of ministry. You are blessed to be chosen.


Dear Jesus,

Thank you for all of the wonderful perks that go along with being a church planter’s wife. Help us to focus on the positive aspects of this incredible journey. We lift our hearts to you in gratitude of what you have done and what you will do in our lives and in our churches.


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