Why Church Planter’s Wives Should Tell their Stories

Do you have any stories to tell about how God has worked in your life, or in the life of your church? I am certain you do! It’s difficult to get to the point of planting a church without a lot of stories happening in-between your initial call to plant, and the first Sunday meeting.

Some of us have stories about how God convinced us we actually were called to plant a church. There are stories about how God connected us with other leaders, or resources to get started. Prayers were answered, miracles lined up to get us to the location where we ended up planting. Lives have been transformed through our willingness to bring the gospel to other people. We all have tales.

Maybe you do agree there are some little anecdotes in there you could share, but the question remains, why should these stories be broadcast to the world? Shouldn’t we keep them to ourselves? Isn’t it prideful to think the world cares to hear about what’s going on in our lives?

I am going to share several reasons why I think you should share your stories, but first, a story.

When my husband got his first call to plant a church, there wasn’t as much church planting going on at this time. Starting churches has always been happening, but for a while, I think culture lost the idea of doing church from scratch. When we began to plant, the only church plant I had known about was Saddleback Church in California. I knew this because Rick Warren told his and Kay’s story in the form of a book called Purpose Driven Church.

The beginning of our church plant was quite a struggle, and I clung to any story I could find about other church planters. When we had to move, I recalled Rick’s joke about how his first congregation had been made up of people who were smart enough to find the location where they were meeting that Sunday.

A year or so into our first plant, we met some really cool people who were starting churches a bit south from where we were located. We attended a church planting conference where we were given something more precious than any free sound system…stories about other people’s church planting experiences! I met Elena Reynolds, and have loved her ever since. In her workshop she shared a cartoon comic, which I couldn’t find online, where a woman wearing a robe and rollers in her hair said, “I wouldn’t have minded having church in my house, I just would have liked a little notice, first.” Simply seeing this comic was important to me. We had just started holding services in our home, and I thought we were insane, but an actual comic existed. I wasn’t the only one! After five years into our first church plant, we got a calling to relocate to California. I thought about Rick and Kay’s story of packing up and leaving everything they knew. Other people’s accounts of their church planting experiences has always been precious to me.

Do you value other people’s stories? Could your stories do the same thing for other church planter’s wives who are newer at this than you? Consider whether God could be calling you to give away a little piece of your life to help others.

Empowered by the Holy Spirit, Your Stories can Change Lives, and Here is Why

  1. The Bible is a collection of stories of how God worked since the beginning of time. While scripture has already been canonized, God is still working. Tell us how he is still working in your life! In Jesus’ final words, he asked us to tell His story. His story worked out in our lives is so powerful.
  2. People want to hear stories of God’s power. These tales can help increase people’s faith. When people’s hearts are turned toward Jesus, this is the fulfillment of the Great Commission.
  3. Stories bring comfort. There is a reason kids ask for bedtime stories. From the beginning, to the middle, to the end, our minds engage with tales, even scary ones. We want to know others have had experiences and made it out the other side.
  4. Stories show you trust others. I know trust is hard to give, but when you share something, like a secret or a story, you are demonstrating trust in others. Let’s build a community of church planter’s wives who trust each other.
  5. Telling about how God has worked in your life is giving Him the credit. I used to think planting churches was about how much my husband and I were willing to sacrifice for Jesus, but, of course, it’s not. It’s all about Him! When we tell about what He has done, He gets the glory, and that is so important!

To end, I’d like to encourage you to start writing your stories. Short or long, we would love to hear them. See the submission guidelines on this site, or simply e-mail Carol at carol@churchplanterwife.com. We can’t wait to be encouraged by you!

Lord, please give us your Holy Spirit to empower and guide us. Allow us to share the incredible things you have done in our lives and in our churches, so that others may know you more.


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